Staff Picks Grades K-2

October 2017

Book Fair Day
by Plourde, Lynn

Upon learning that his class will not be going to the school book sale until the last half hour of the day, Dewey worries that all the best books will already be taken.

Gus Gets Scared
by Remkiewicz, Frank

Gus loves his new tent, but is he brave enough to stay in it overnight?

Noodlehead Nightmares
by Arnold, Tedd

Brothers Mac and Mac star in this collection of bedtime tales inspired by folktales about fools from around the world.

Pumpkin Day!
by Ransom, Candice

A boy and his family visit a pumpkin patch, where they ride on a cart, see animals, and pick out a pumpkin that is just right for carving.

Murilla Gorilla: Jungle Detective
by Lloyd, Jennifer

Murilla Gorilla is a lovable jungle detective who solves mysteries for her friends. In this case, Ms. Chimpanzee's muffins are stolen and Murilla must crack the case.

Billions of Bats: a Buzz Beaker Brainstorm
by Nickel, Scott

When brilliant new student Sarah Bellum arrives at school Buzz is bummed out. He is used to being the school genius. When Sarah’s copy machine invention goes haywire and produces millions of copies of Bobo the pet bat, can Buzz and Sarah work together to solve the problem?

Colin and the Curly Claw
by Fearnley, Jan

When Colin and his mother visit the dinosaur exhibit at the London museum, Colin ends up going home with a dinosaur's claw, and its owner wants it back.

Andy Shane and the Pumpkin Trick
by Jacobson, Jennifer

Andy Shane, with help from Grandma Webb and some marbles, tricks the people who keep stealing his friend Dolores Starbuckle's Halloween pumpkin.

Bones and the Math Test Mystery
by Adler, David A.

Jeffrey Bones doesn't like math tests--especially when he forgets to study for them. Now his test is missing. Can he solve the mystery of the missing test and get an Excellent grade?

Oliver Moon and the Nipperbat Nightmare
by Mongredien, Sue

Oliver has been chosen to care for Nippy the nipperbat over the Halloween break, but with Oliver's naughty baby sister lending a hand, it soon turns into a nightmare.