Staff Picks Grades K-2

December 2017

A Warm Winter
by Oral, Feridun

Little Mouse searches for firewood to heat his nest, but when he realizes his load is too heavy for him his friends offer to help.

At Home in a New Land
by Sandin, Joan

Carl Erik, a recent immigrant from Sweden, becomes the man of the house when his father and uncle go to work in a logging camp, and he learns many things about life in Minnesota while attending school, doing his chores, and trying to put meat on the table.

Winter Day Play!
by Castaldo, Nancy F.

Wondering what to do on a cold winter’s day? This book has lots of fun ideas, games and activities to while away the day.

A Flock of Shoes
by Tsiang, Sarah

Abby loves her pink and brown sandals with the lime green trim. She wears them everywhere until one day while swinging high, the sandals flip off Abby's feet and fly away with the birds migrating south for the winter. All winter long even though Abby grows to love her warm and comfy boots, she wonders what her sandals might be up to, and where her boots will go when the weather grows warmer.

Nice Wheels
by Hooks, Gwendolyn

The classmates of a new boy at school find that, although he is in a wheelchair, he can do what they do.

A Very Special Snowflake
by Hoffman, Don

When Jeff and Veronica search for their new puppy, Snowflake, during a fluffy snowfall, everyone they ask for help misunderstands what they are talking about.

Lily’s New Home
by Yoo, Paula

Lily misses her old home when she and her family move to the city. Everything is so different! But soon she sees some familiar things that help Lily adjust to her new life.

Airplane Adventure
by Meister, Cari

Juan and Anna are flying to Mexico to visit their grandma. From the airport to the clouds, Juan and Anna are ready to take off on a fun flight.

The Reindeer Games
by Sonneborn, Scotty

When a reindeer is deliberately injured at the annual Reindeer Games, the North Police elves must find out which reindeer is cheating in order to win a place pulling Santa's sleigh.

The New Year’s Eve Sleepover From the Black Lagoon
by Thaler, Mike

Hubie has been invited to a New Year's Eve sleepover but has never spent the night away from home. What happens if he gets sick and what's all the talk about making a New Year's resolution?