Staff Picks Grades 3-5

March 2017

The Mermaid’s Purse
by Patricia Polacco

More than anything, Stella loves books. She reads anytime she can and saves up all her money to buy books. Eventually she owns so many that her father and other men from town build her a library, and she names it the Mermaid's Purse.

The Great Leopard Rescue: Saving the Amur Leopards
by Sandra Markle

Amur leopards are the rarest big cats in the world. But thanks to scientists' new, innovative efforts to study them and breed a reserve population, these majestic cats have a chance to come back.

Applesauce Weather
by Helen Frost

The fall of the first apple from the tree is the signal to Faith and Peter that it is applesauce weather, and their Aunt Lucy and Uncle Arthur should be on their way. But Peter and Faith aren't sure if Uncle Arthur will make it this year, as it is the first without his beloved Lucy.

The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon
by Jonny Duddle

After pirates plunder treasures from the Dull-on-Sea museum, the town panics, and Matilda sends a note to her pirate friend, Jim Lad, asking for help. When Jim's Jolley-Rogers family arrives, Grandpa Rogers announces the ghosts of Captain Twirlybeard and his crew are likely to blame!

Howard Wallace, P.I.
by Casey Lyall

Twelve-year-old Howard Wallace runs his P.I. business, Wallace Investigations, out of an old shed in the back of Grantleyville Middle School, where he solves cases along the lines of missing trumpets and cats, while portraits of his heroes Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe look on.

The Wrong Side of Magic
by Janette Rallison

Hudson Brown hasn't believed in magic in a long time. But when his sister Bonnie's cat gets sick, Hudson winds up in a magical world trying to get medicine for it, all thanks to a compass given to him by his kooky neighbor, Charlotte.

by William Lach

Mix and match pieces of the world’s greatest artworks from Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” to Gilbert Stuart’s “George Washington” to create new portraits.

The Peculiar Haunting of Thelma Bee
by Erin Petti

Thelma Bee is a young scientist. She believes in experimentation and observation, the pure scientific method. However, she is also able to accept when events border on the weird, as they do the day that a strange old woman sells her father an antique keepsake box.

The Wizard’s Dog
by Eric Kahn Gale

Merlin's dog, Nosewise, can talk and do a bit of magic with the help of a special stone, instruction from Morgana, and some confidence. But magic isn't a power that should be used by everyone.

Secret Origins
by James Riley

After Bethany gets a lead about her missing father, she and Owen end up in an obscure superhero comic. The comic has been rewritten so that heroes can never win and Jupiter City is now ruled by an evil villain.