Staff Picks Grades 3-5

March 2018

How Animals Build
by Moira Butterfield and Tim Hutchinson

Beautifully-illustrated foldout pages and lift-the-flap features show animal homes above ground, below ground, underwater, and even in human homes and farmyard barns.

Jelly, Garbage + Toys: Making Pictures with Vik Muniz
by Vik Muniz

See how one artist creates with unusual media such as cotton balls, chocolate syrup, confetti and peanut butter with jelly.

Have Sword, Will Travel
by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

The discovery of an intelligent enchanted sword offers unexpected adventure for two children. When friends Odo and Eleanor find the sword called Biter, awakening it from a centuries-long slumber in the river, they're not prepared for what comes next.

Joplin Wishing
by Diane Stanley

When Joplin's grandfather dies, her mother insists she take something of his to remember him. Joplin chooses a broken, centuries-old platter with an image of a girl. Once mended and hanging on her wall, Joplin admires the painted girl in the platter's center and wishes for a new friend. The very next day a boy named Barrett befriends her, and the girl on the platter comes to life.

Mr. Gedrick and Me
by Patrick Carman

Nine-year-old Stanley Darrow's family is having a hard time. His father has died, and his mother is overwhelmed trying to maintain her job and care for the family. When Stanley's mother mentions getting a nanny, Stanley completes an online request form, and the prim Mr. Gedrick shows up with his magic from a mysterious place called Swoghollow.

How Oscar Indigo Broke the Universe (and Put it Back Together Again)
by David Teague

Oscar Indigo has never been good at baseball, so naturally he's nervous when he has to fill in for his team's injured All-Star. Luckily, Oscar has a mysterious gold watch that can stop time, which he uses to fake a game-winning home run.

by Allan Woodrow

It's Spirit Week at Liberty Falls Elementary, and the fifth grade class has been divided into two teams. Best friends George and Lilly have been looking forward to this event all year. To make the contest even more enticing, Principal Klein announces a secret prize for the winning team. Disaster strikes as George and Lilly realize that they are not only on different teams but are also rival captains.

Slug Days
by Sara Leach

Lauren sometimes has "slug days," where she feels slow, slimy, and like no one understands her. But sometimes she has "butterfly days," where she gets a sticker at school for being well-behaved. With the help of her routines, her squishy ball, and her special strawberry eraser, Lauren learns to manage her feelings, and eventually makes a new friend at school.

by Kevin Sylvester

Find supercool facts you never knew about basketball. Cartoon-style illustrations, creative graphs and charts along with trivia make this a great book for browsing and sharing with friends.

Marge in Charge
by Isla Fisher

Marge, a small elderly woman with long rainbow hair and a colorful personality to match, is often mistaken by children to be a youngster herself. When she is hired to care for Jemima and Jake Button, she proves that babysitters can be fun.