Staff Picks Grades 3-5

November 2018

The Big Book of the Blue
by Yuval Zommer

Amazing illustrations bring to life some of the slipperiest, scaliest, strangest, and most monstrous underwater animals. The Big Book of the Blue also explores the underwater world by looking at animals in danger, learning how to spot creatures at the beach, and discovering how to do our part to save sea life.

by Cynthia Rylant

Nine-year-old Flora Smallwood loves living in Rosetown, Indiana. Not everything is perfect, though. Her dog Laurence has recently died, and her parents have decided to live in separate houses, at least for a while. But Flora has two good friends that support her and help build her confidence and trust.

Best Buds Under Frogs
by Leslie Patricelli

Supershy fourth-grader, Lily Lattuga, just wants to blend in at her new school, but on the first day she throws up on a popular girl's shoes and gets on the wrong bus. Luckily for Lily, unselfconscious Darby Dorski extends the hand of friendship, and the girls bond over their love of frogs, and the Rizzlerunk Club is born.

Myth Match
by Good Wives and Warriors

Mix and match the backs and fronts of the mythical creatures in this fantastical flipbook to create even more wonderful beasts of your own.

The Alcatraz Escape
by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

In the third volume of the Book Scavenger series, Emily, her friend James, and her brother Matthew travel to Alcatraz for an elaborate puzzle competition based on an original mystery by Errol Roy, a famously reclusive San Francisco writer.

The Ostrich and Other Lost Things
by Beth Hautala

Eleven-year-old Olivia has a gift for finding lost things, except for the plastic toy ostrich that she thinks has a soothing effect on her older brother Jacob who has autism. Over the course of a summer, Olivia sets out to find Jacob's ostrich while volunteering at the zoo, auditioning for a production of Peter Pan, figuring out why and how a live ostrich keeps appearing in her backyard, and trying to keep her family together.

Pennybaker School is Revolting
by Jennifer Brown

When their history teacher disappears, students at the Pennybaker School for the Uniquely Gifted stage their own revolution and solve the mystery of the missing teacher.

Ugly Cat & Pablo and the Missing Brother
by Isabel Quintero

Ugly Cat and Pablo are back! This time they are on a mission to find Tamarindo, Ugly Cat's missing brother. On a tip from a hamster that lives in Tamarindo's house, the unlikely cat and mouse duo set off on a rescue mission to a haunted house.

The Beatrice Letters
by Lemony Snicket

For fans of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, this book of correspondence uncovers the mystery behind the lady to whom Lemony Snicket dedicates each book. Miss it if you dare!

See You on a Starry Night
by Lisa Schroeder

After her parents' recent divorce, 11-year-old Juliet, her older sister, Miranda, and their mom move from Bakersfield to Mission Beach, California. Juliet is unhappy with all the changes in her life and now she has to start at a new school after spring break. Escaping from her new home and heading down to the beach, Juliet meets Emma, who instantly draws Juliet into her latest adventure.