Staff Picks Grades 3-5

September 2018

The Penderwicks at Last
by Jeanne Birdsall

This beloved family is back and taking their final bow in this fifth and final title in the series. The spotlight is on the youngest sibling, 11-year-old Lydia, a would-be dancer. Thrown into the mix is an older brother who's aspiring to be a film director, a stair-climbing chicken, and an independent-minded sheep.

A Fairy’s Courage
by E. J. Clarke

Although Rowan has only just returned to human form after accidentally being transformed into a fairy, she is unwilling to leave the fairy realms to the villainy of Vulpes, a wicked fox fairy desperate to become human again.

A Whale in Paris
by Daniel Presley

Twelve-year-old Chantal and her father fish the River Seine at night in German-occupied Paris to provide much-needed food for their city and themselves. After several puzzling and unsuccessful nights of fishing, Chantal discovers the incredible reason why the fish have disappeared!

Battle of Junk Mountain
by Lauren Abbbey Greenberg

Twelve-year-old Shayne looks forward to spending her summers with her grandmother, but she is disappointed when her best friend is more interested in boys than making bracelets and her grandmother's hobby has become a hoarding problem.

by Jen Calonita

Gilly and her friends must prepare for a giant invasion after Jack plants magic beans, earning him a spot in Fairy Tale Reform School and reminding Gilly how good it feels to be bad.

The Lifters
by Dave Eggers

Twelve-year-old Gran and his new friend, Catalina, journey underground to defeat a strange force that threatens their town of Carousel.

Survival Tails: The Titanic
by Katrina Charman

A stowaway dog and the captain's cat form an unlikely friendship as they race to protect three kittens, help their humans, and survive the sinking of the Titanic.

Grump, The (Fairly) True tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
by Liesl Shurtliff

Borlen is not like other dwarves. Born close to the Surface, he suffers from horrible depth sickness, and he is forced to work in the mines as a crew member who does tasks no one else wants to do. He soon finds himself nicknamed Grump. When he accidentally breaks through to the Surface, he meets Queen Elfrieda who seems like a true friend, but what does this mean for Snow White?

The Doughnut Fix
by Jessie Janowitz

After moving to the tiny town of Petersville, eleven-year-old Tris uses his cooking expertise to revive a town tradition using chocolate cream doughnuts.

Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Quest For the Magic Porcupine
by John Dougherty

Stinkbomb and his younger sister, Ketchup-Face, armed with advice from the local ninja-librarian, set off on a quest to find the legendary Magic Porcupine that will help them save the kingdom.