What is 1000 Books Before Kindergarten?

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The Orland Park Public Library challenges you to read 1000 books with your child before they enter kindergarten. Experts say reading aloud to children or shared book reading has been linked to young children's emergent literacy ability, which can be defined as the skills or knowledge that children develop before learning the more conventional skills of reading and writing, which affect children's later success in reading.*

This program encourages those early literacy skills by sharing books together. Spending time together every day reading and enjoying books is one of the best ways to encourage this learning and develop pre-reading skills. As you complete this challenge with your child you are building a solid reading foundation – a key to school and learning success!

What to Do:

  1. Register at the Youth Services Desk and pick up your first 1000 Books Before Kindergarten reading log.
    1. To register the child must have an OPPL Library Card
  2. Read together. This is the really fun part!
  3. Record the books on your reading log. If you read a book more than once, you can record it each time. Remember to include books from any storytimes or programs you attend at OPPL.
  4. For every 25 books you read, stop at the Youth Services Desk for a sticker to add to your reading log.
  5. Collect prizes along the way!!
    1. 250 Books: Yellow Tote Bag
    2. 500 Books: Journal with Crayons
    3. 750 Books: Music CD
    4. 1000 Books: Hardcover Book (with a special bookplate) and the child's picture on the WALL OF FAME!

What Else Do You Need to Know?

This program has no end date except your child's first day of kindergarten. Do not feel rushed!

If you read three stories a day for one year, you will meet your goal very quickly.

Please enjoy the experience of reading with your child. Take the opportunity to talk with your children, sing songs, recite nursery rhymes, attend library programs, and create some wonderful memories.

Remember to stop by the Youth Services Department for some book suggestions if you ever need a new book to share together.

Happy Reading!
Stephanie Thomas
Preschool Services Coordinator

Lonigan CJ. Emergent literacy skills and family literacy. In: Wasik BH, ed. Handbook of Family Literacy. Teale WH, Sulzby E. Emergent Literacy as a Perspective for Examining How Young Children Become Writers and Readers. Teale WH, Sulzby E, Emergent Literacy: Writing and Reading. Whitehurst GJ, Lonigan CJ. Child Development and Emergent Literacy.