Transgender Individuals – Are They On Your Radar Screen?

Sep. 22, 2016
Orland Park Public Library has invited Mental Health Counselor Dan Frett to speak September 29 about diversity.
Frett helps clients embrace and address diversity issues. His mission is to educate the general public about how people who have no experience with transgender individuals can often make transgender individuals feel bad about themselves and sometimes even scared.
Topics to be covered will include gender expansiveness, definitions of commonly used terms, use of appropriate pronouns, and the microaggressions transgender people encounter on a regular basis.
Frett encourages the general public to start its journey to becoming "trans"fluent.
The Orland Park Public Library follows and supports the American Library Association’s core values including valuing our nation’s diversity and striving to reflect diversity in the library.

Title: Transgender Individuals – Are They On Your Radar Screen?
Date: Thursday, September 29
Time: 7 p.m.