Artist of the Month

Each month a different artist's work is featured on the second floor of the library. A Meet the Artist event is usually held the first Friday of the month at 7 p.m. New Program Date: Friday, August 10.
Check the calendar for specific times and dates.

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August: Zach Barnard

Artist Zach Barnard-Orchid-In-the-Alcove Artist Zach Barnard-The-Nail-Loft Artist Zach Barnard-LastCallattheBerkshire Artist Zach Barnard-Behindthe-PurpleDoor

Zach strives to learn all that he can in his pursuit of artistic success. He believes that painting, like travel, should be an adventure, feeling vivid and alive. In his work, he focuses on subject matter that most people tend to overlook, and moments of beauty that go unappreciated each day.

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Upcoming Artists:

Susan Flanagan-Matthew

September: Susan Flanagan

Previous Artists

James Bowden
Benjamin Lowder
Barbara Eberhard
Kip Pasta

Interested in displaying?

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